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Hot Air Circulating Oven


Illustration : 

  1. The temperatures to be used: steam heating 50-140°C, Max.150°C
  2. Electric infrared heating: 50-350℃
  3. Commonly used steam pressure 0.2-08Mpa(2-8kg/cm2)
  4. If the electrical heating and type one, the calculation is 15kw,and the practical use is 5-8kw/h
  5. The special requirements should be indicated at the time of order.
  6. The use temperatures more than 140°Cand less than 60°C, should be inducted at the time of order.
  7. The ovens and baking plates made by our factory are uniform in the dimensions, and can be exchangeable.The baking plate dimensions: 460*640*45mm , heating method: steam, electricity, infrared.
Description Details
Model CE-CT-O
Steam Area (㎡) 7.1
Drying Quantity each time (group) 60Kgs
Heat Power (kw) Heater 6-9kW
Temperature Difference inside chamber about 1 (℃)
Overall Size 1050 x 1600 x 2100 ( L x W x H )
Weight 420 Kgs
Blower Power 1.1
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