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Horizontal Type Stretch Wrapping Machine

Machine Feature :

  • Full automatic, special design for long products like pipes, timber etc; low consumption energy; Touch screen, PLC easy operation control; Auto film cutting and grab unit.
  • Stable performance, long work life.
  • European standard design and manufacture CE certificate.
  • Accept customer’s design order, satisfy customer’s different requirements.
  • Suitable long and thin goods packing, its principle: packing material is to rotary wind around goods by revolving arm, at the same time to adjust film stretch tension.
  • Widely used for plastic profile, aluminum, panel, hose, woven fabric and so on.


Operation Step

  1. a) Place the products onto the orbital stretch wrap machine in-feeding conveyor.
    b) Moving the product to wrapping position automatically while sensors detect it
    c) Press down device presses the package automatically.
    d) Products stop automatically while it at the sealing position.
    e) Feeding and cutting packing material automatically.
    f) Products go through the wrapper for automatic sealing and wrapping.
    g) Place the reinforcing wraps to the tail end of the product.
    h) Unloading the packed package.
    i) End for circle



  • Model : CE-800W/CRJ
  • Brand : FULLWELL
  • Ring Diameter:800mm
  • Max products size:L900*W600*H30-200mm
  • Cargo Length requirement:>=700mm
  • Stretch film width: 150mm
  • Rotation Speed:25-50rpm variable
  • Conveyor Speed:5m/min variable
  • Power: 3PH, 415V, 50Hz
  • Air Pressure:4-0.7Mpa
  • Main component brand:
  • Motor: Liming
  • PLC: Panasonic
  • Cylinder: AirTAC
  • Frequency Inverter: Schneider
  • Photoelectricity: Fotek
  • Limited switch: Steimex
  • Proximity switch: Fotek