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Hand Held Capping Machine
Product Description

Apply: the cap for hand-held portable, easy to operate, medicine, agricultural chemicals, lubricants, and other industries ideal for small batch production.

Technical parameters

  • Of the cap:10-45mm
  • Weight:1kg
  • Depression:0.4-0.5Mpa
  • Yong Qiliang: 0.02 cubic meters / min
  • Clutch: 12 adjustable
  • Size: L300 * Max35mm screw diameter of 4 mm
  • No load rotation: 1000 to / points

Principle Features

  1. By the company’s hand-held pneumatic machine is a screw-cap can be easily used to tighten or spin-cap variety of small equipment. Its adjustable clutch can effectively avoid the damage caps, within the Cypriot and reduce the wear. card will automatically stop the first rotation, you can carry  out the operation under a cap.
  2. Equipment operators, the choice of a suitable frame, balancer, will be able to cap-Light, clean and starting rotation. Equipment to effectively reduce labor intensity, quality assurance cap
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