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Foam Cutting Machine


This machine is mainly used for foam vertical slice and simple shapes foam slices. The machine uses an advanced linear guide and positioning the hand wheel, simple operation, easy function.

Inner Table Size 1320 x 2290mm 1720 x 2290mm
Outer Table Size 1210 x 2290mm 2000 x 2290mm
Cutting Height 800/1200 mm 800/1200 mm
Cutting Thickness >3mm >3mm
Cutting Line 7320/8100mm 8100/8900mm
Overall Power 1.74kW 1.74kW
Overall Dimension 4500*4000*2550mm (LXWXH) 4500*4800*2550mm (LXWXH)
Overall Weight 1500KG 1600KG

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