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Flake Ice Maker Machine


It is a fully automatic edible ice maker that adopts four technologies: self-adjustment of ice thickness, self-adaptation of ambient temperature, automatic water replenishment for ice formation, and auxiliary condensing pressure stabilization system. The production process is fully automatic, and the ice shape produced is uniform and beautiful, with no difference in thickness. The reasonable application of flat-wall heat exchange technology and circulating hot air ice extraction technology has breakthrough solved the problems of low production capacity, high power consumption and unstable ice removal of small edible ice machines, providing products for the world A sufficient technical guarantee. Edible granular ice machines are located in hotels, hotels, bars, banquet halls, western restaurants, fast food restaurants, convenience stores, cold drinks shops and other places where ice is needed to satisfy every customer who needs granular ice. It is efficient, safe, energy-saving, durable and environmentally friendly, making it your preferred ice making product.

Description Details
Model CE-SD-06K
Production efficiency(kg/24h) 600
Capacity(kg) 400
Compressor power(hp) 3
Compressor Gulun of American/Bizer of Germany
Refrigerant R22 R404A R717
Compressor input power (kw) 2.25
Step down gear power(kw) 0.2
Circulating pump power(kw) 0.04
Total power(kw) 2.65
Ice thickness(mm) 1.5-2.5
Voltage 380v/50Hz
Cooling system Water-cooling or Forced air cooling
Diameter of service pipe(mm) 1/2"
Diameter of rainspout(mm) 390
Diameter of drainpipe(mm) 1/2"
Diameter of ice outlet pipe(mm) 390
Net weight(kg) 240
Length(mm) 1350
Width(mm) 1020
Height(mm) 2080

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