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Fish Deboner Machine

Introduction of Fish Meat And Bone Separator Machine :

Fish deboning machine is used for separating fish meat and bone, it is equipped with the food grade rubber belt in mining meat barrels and squeezing meat , sending fish meat into the barrels by mutual squeezing of barrels and transmission of the rubber belt, fish skin and bones will be left outside of the barrel, then sent out by the scrapping knife.

Stainless steel, hygiene and healthy, fast removing and separating speed, high capacity, proper for fish meat ball making, fish meat collecting, fish meat patty making, fish meat food processing, the final fish meat is pure and fresh.

Fish Debonding Machine Features :

1. The deboner is made of superior stainless steel, fitting the food hygienic standard
2. The machine is with high efficiency and great capacity
3. Simple design that ensures saving labor, time and cost


Specifications :


Model CE-160/SZC CE-220/SZC CE-360/SZC
Voltage 220V / 380V 220V / 380V 220V / 380V
Power 2.2KW 3KW / 2.2KW 3KW
Belt Length 1190MM 1450MM 1450MM
Belt Thickness 20MM 20MM 20MM
Roller Diameter 160MM 220MM 220MM
Roller Width 200MM 200MM 300MM
Roller Thickness 6MM 6MM 6MM
Mesh Diameter Standard 2.7MM, Customized 3.2MM
Productivity 180KG/H 280KG/H 360KG/H
Weight 140KG 200KG 240KG
Dimension  830*680*870MM 860*830*1060MM 960*830*1060MM
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