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External Type Vacuum Pack Machine


Model: CE-500/VS Desktop electric inflator outside pumping vacuum packing machine, vacuum can be inflated with a suction seal, direct sealing, inflatable seal three functions, it is a versatile machine, bag sealing size not more than 50cm to the outer vacuum machine no volume space restrictions, using a wide range. This machine is easy to operate, energy, fast, low-cost, easy maintenance, and can be used for food, medicine, native products, electrical appliances, department stores and other extraction industries, inflatable packaging items.

Description Details
Model CE-500/VS
Power 220V / 50HZ
Sealing power 0.8KW
Pump power 0.45KW
Sealing time 0-6 sec
Pumping time 0-99sec adjustable
Inflation time 0-99S
Cooling time 0-9S
Ultimate vacuum <= 1.33KP
Sealing Width 500mm
Table size 350mm (wide) 550mm (long)
Dimensions 600 x 340 x 430mm
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