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Electronic Weighing Filling Machine Model:CE-25L/WFM



Computerized control the filling, anti-drip, gear pump filling, good stability. Simple operation, high filling accuracy. This machine use gear pumps weighing works to achieve the filling volume control. When filling by the load cell signal is given, the filling valve open time via the programmable controller PLC control, the material in the hopper by self-pressurized container to be loaded inflows. The machine at a filling tube built with special sealing means to prevent leakage phenomenon drawing or filling viscous liquid.

For food, medicine, chemicals, oils, paints, coatings, butter, cream, wall paint, floor paint, thinners, foliar fertilizer, salt fertilization, pesticides, fertilizers, oil, lubricants and other liquid viscous body filling.

Description Details
Model CE-25L/WFM
Motor power 1.5kW
Category Weighing filling machine
Filling head 2
Volume 10litre - 25litre
Bottle Height 200-1500mm
Dimensions 800 * 600 * 1800
Production capacity 150-200 barrels / hour
Filling accuracy less than 0.2%

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