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Electronic Liquid Weighing Machine




To achieve Computer control filling, Anti-drip, Gear pump filling, good stability. Simple operation, high filling accuracy. The machine uses the gear pump to weigh the working principle to achieve the filling quantity control. Filling the signal by the load cell, through the programmable controller PLC control filling valve to open the time, the material in the box through the pressurized self-flow into the container to go. The machine in the filling under the tube with a special plugging device, to prevent filling the viscous liquid when the drawing or dripping.

Description Details
Model CE-20/CZJ
Motor Power 1.5kW
Filling Head 1 filling head
Capacity 5-20L
Applicable bottle height 200-1500mm
Dimensions 800 * 600 * 1800mm
Production capacity 150-200 barrels/hour
Filling accuracy less than 0.2%



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