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Dried Chili Cutter & Seed Separator

The automatic pepper cutting machine is easy to operate, the dry pepper dicing machine is easy to adjust, and the maintenance is convenient. The dry pepper cutting machine is low in price. The body is fully enclosed to reduce the dust on the ground and in the air. It is hygienic and safe. The magnetic material selection device basically selects the iron filings and iron dust mixed in the material, which improves the service life of the hob. This equipment is operated by two people. The automatic pepper cutting machine is convenient and quick. It can cut pepper sections and dry.

The price of pepper cutting machine is low. The size of pepper rings, pepper shreds, and pepper cut are customized by the customer. It is a practical equipment for domestic pepper cutting. Function Pepper seed removing machine is highly efficient. This pepper ring cutting machine is mainly used to cut pepper rings, using the principle of tungsten steel blades to cut peppers or other crops into rings or slices. It can cut kelp shreds, bean shreds, Chinese medicinal materials, green pepper rings, etc. As long as it is a strip of crops, it can be cut with this machine to achieve the desired effect.


Product Parameters:

Cut specifications 5-30mm
Equipped with power 1.5 / 380V 2.2 / 220V 
Efficiency Weight 300-500 kg/h 
Weight 170KG
Dimensions 1400 * 530 * 900mm

Product Sample : 

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