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Double tank Vacuum Frying Machine – Model:CE-ZK1500C

Processed Food Type

  • Fruits: apples, kiwi, bananas, pineapple wood, strawberry, grape, peach, pear, etc.;
  • Vegetables: tomatoes, sweet potato, beans, garlic, green pepper, pumpkin, onions, etc.;
  • Dry: jujube, peanuts, etc.;
  • Such as aquatic products and livestock and poultry meat.

Product Description

Dual-chamber vacuum frying machine was the latest research and development company’s third-generation vacuum frying equipment, is the world’s latest and most energy-efficient, the safest, most practical frying equipment;

The first generation of single-chamber vacuum frying machine, the second generation of water-oil mixture vacuum frying machine, the third generation of dual-chamber vacuum frying machine.


Description Details Details
Model CE-ZK1500 C CE-ZK3800 C
Diameter(mm) φ 500 φ 800
Size of tank(mm) φ400*240 φ700*240
Tank quantity 2 2
Vacuum degree(Mpa) -0.098~ -0.1 -0.098~ -0.1
Working temperature(℃) 80~120 80~120
Power of vacuum pump(kw) 4 5.5
Heating quomodo Electricity Electricity/steam
Power of using electricity(kw) 15 36
Total power(kw) 20 42/6/6
Others Contain cooling water discreteness Without cooling water tower
Output 40-50kg/h 110-130kg/h
Annual output(T) 150T 380T
Overall dimension (mm) 1500*1000*2500 2000*1500*2500
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