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Display Chiller / Freezer – Beverage Display


      1. Integral Foaming of more uniform and compact foaming layer for better insulation effect.

  1. Using New cyclopentane with enough quantity as foaming material, increasing foaming density in more environmentally friendly way.
  2. Tube winding for the whole cabinet, very close and compact between each layer.
  3. Reasonable and scientific refrigeration system provides strong power and low energy consumption.
    5. Three-layer detachable magnetic door seal for complete touch, preventing leakage of cold air and reducing energy consumption.
  4. Air cooling system ensures fast and better refrigeration effect, preventing condensation effectively.
  5. Full copper tube design ensures long service life and better refrigeration effect.
  6. Equipped with adjustable shelves to make full use of the space.
  7. Safety door lock design.



Model CE-LSC-355F CE-LSC-785F CE-LSC-1085F CE-LSC-1285F
Capacity 355L 785L 1085L 1285L
Door Single Door Double Door Three Door
Size (L x W x H) mm 600 x 630 x 2090 1200 x 680 x 2100 1600 x 680 x 2100 1800 x 680 x 2100
Temperature 0~ 10 °C 0~ 10 °C 0~ 10 °C 0~ 10 °C
Power 210w 230w 310w 460w
Power Consumption 1.3kw.h/24h 2.2kw.h/24h 2.80kw.h/24h 3.8kw.h/24h
Net Weight 80kg 115kg 150kg 200kg
Cooling Method Blower System
Glass Door Type Swing Glass Door, Double Glazing Glass Door
Remarks Auto Defrost Drip Pan Bottom
Forming Type Cyclopentane
Compressor Donper
Controller Digital Controller
Refrigerant R134A


What is the difference between air-cooled freezer and direct-cooled freezer?


Difference 1: The air-cooled freezer is frost-free, clean, refreshing and worry-free

Air-cooled refrigerators will not always get wet inside like direct-cooled refrigerators, and food will not stick to each other unclearly. Moreover, the air-cooled refrigerator will have a continuous cycle of cold air, and then filtered by the deodorizing system, the internal umami will be maintained for a long time.


Difference 2: The air-cooled freezer has accurate temperature and more uniform cooling

Air-cooled refrigerators are more accurate in temperature control than direct-cooled refrigerators, because the temperature sensor of air-cooled refrigerators senses the temperature of the cold air in the freezer. When the cold air is fully circulated, the temperature inside the box is basically the same; while for direct-cooled refrigerators It is easy to have dead spots in the refrigeration, because the evaporator (copper tube or aluminum tube attached to the inner wall of the freezer) is attached to the box, so the temperature tested at the temperature control point will be quite different from the actual temperature inside the refrigerator. This will affect the overall quality of food insurance.


Difference 3:

The internal structure of air-cooled refrigerators is more complicated than that of direct-cooled refrigerators, so the manufacturing cost of products is higher and more expensive. Direct cooling refrigerators are usually called economical refrigerators, with simple structure, low cost and low price.

The refrigeration speed of direct cooling refrigerators is relatively slow, which makes people feel that it is inconvenient to use, and the evaporator is prone to collisions, scratches, and corrosion, which may cause leakage and affect its life. The biggest disadvantage is that it must be manually defrosted several times a month.

Friendly reminder: The ice and frost inside the direct cooling freezer must be cleaned up in time, otherwise it will seriously affect the cooling effect and energy consumption.


Is the cold air freezer better or the direct freezer better?

The choice of air-cooled freezer is mainly determined by frozen products. Generally speaking, products that require low freezing temperature and fast freezing speed cannot be affected by frost must use air-cooled freezers, such as mousse, dough, cake, etc. And vegetables, fruits, pork and other products that require moisturizing are suitable for direct cooling freezers.

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