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Continuous Type Blister Packing Machine MODEL:CE-12M/BS


The main purpose:

 Mainly used for heat blister and paper card laminated packaging for a variety of beautifully packaged, sealed plastic toys, stationery, batteries, food, daily necessities, small tools, so that moisture packaged goods, the appearance of crystal clear, beautiful, improve commodity block times .. Blister packaging machine with pulse fever principle to select different current output, and power-on time according to the workpiece size.  

♦ with 12 groups / 14 groups module, circulating automatic operation;

♦ electromagnetic clutch motor precise positioning, does not take place, not offset;

♦ According to different products, using instant heat sealing method or constant heat sealing method;

♦ seal time set to follow the film thickness of the material;

♦ set the operating mode to follow the automatic manual operation;

♦ speed packaging good effect, suitable for a large number of applicable;

♦ The machine is equipped with automatic suction device, automatic finished, save time.

Description Details
Model CE-12M/BS
Activities form Continuous chain design
Platen size 560 × 380mm
Work stations 10
Fusion power 2.5KW
Production speed 5-8 sec/cycle
Power consumption 3KW
Power supply 380V / 3φ / 50Hz
Mechanical Dimension 2800 × 850 × 1850mm
Machine weight 700Kg
Greatest pressure 200/300Kg
Gas Consumption 0.1m3 / min
Heating method Built In Heater


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