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Continuous Electromagnetic Induction Foil-Sealing Machine
Main uses
Composite electromagnetic induction foil seal and technology are internationally recognized contemporary art seal means, the non-contact heating adapt to the characteristics of various plastic bottles, glass bottles and various sealed with plastic hose, and so is the pharmaceutical, food, grease, Japan, home of the farmers of bottled sealed the most advanced technology.
Technical details
  • Power: 2800 W
  • Power supply voltage: AC 220V/50Hz 13A
  • Seal diameter:φ16-50mm φ30-80mm φ70-120mm
  • Seal speed:3-12m/min,40—150瓶(φ30mmPE瓶120瓶/分)
  • A high degree of containers:30-260mm Special requirements can be customized
  • Sensor Size:850×120×90mm
  • Transportation Taiwan:1800×500×1300mm(Options)
Equipment features
  1. Types of equipment: automatic on-line high-speed sealing machine
  2. Control System: number of transistors modular integrated circuit to control
  3. Cooling systems: two-fan, double radiator in the cycle of mandatory water cooling system
  4. Sealing speed :40-150 barrels (bottles) / min
    Of which: 4,000 ml :20-60 barrels (bottles) / min
    1000 ml :60-80 barrels (bottles) / min
    500 ml :80-100 barrels (bottles) / min
    100 ml :100-120 barrels (bottles) / min
    50 ml :120-150 barrels (bottles) / min
  5. Sealing effect: seal intact rate of 100 per cent. Even a small bottle left on tracks, does not affect the results sealed
  1. By the United States advanced semiconductor (ADV), Toshiba (TOSHIBA), Royal Philips (PHILIPS) and other international brand-name company’s advanced electronic components, to ensure stable performance.
  2. Rectification of the main circuit and control use of high-power inverter module CMOS integrated circuits and solid-state technology, improve the reliability of the system work.
  3. Output circuits by adding negative feedback, a closed-loop control so that the load changes will not affect the quality seal.
  4. Wave occurred in the control and negative feedback is also used in a variety of resonant point can be adjusted automatically to the best point.
  5. Main circuit in the design of the pressure, flow, overheating, lack of water, such as the protection of circuits and circuit alarm lights flashing, increased equipment life.
  6. Pair of dual-fan radiator, and strengthen the cycle of cooling water, cooling performance than the general-sealing machine-20-30%.