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CE-50W/JT Belt Conveying Weighing & Packing Machine for Fertilizer 30-50kg


Design basis and Parameters:

  • Material: metal fiber;
  • Material character: strip;
  • Weighing range:10-50kg/bag
  • Packaging accuracy:±0.5-1%;
  • Weighing speed:5-20bag/min;

Product feature

  • Adopts belt conveying feed mechanism and anti-piling device, which can ensure uniform feed and make speed and accuracy reach the optimum;
  • The weighing control system is controlled centrally by PLC and is designed according to IP54 (dust proof and waterproof) requirement;
  • This unit consists of fully automatic weighing machine, conveyor, bag sewing machine and automatic control box;
  • Options: multiple devices available for free selection (conveyor, bag sewing machine, sealing machine, elevator, air pump, dust collector, metal detector)
  • Such equipment with smaller metering range can be designed and tailor-made. For example: CE-50W/JT (This is suitable for this grain project).


This machine CE-50W/JT includes:

  • CE-50/JT weighing and packaging machine (1 set)
  • Sewing machine (1 set)
  • Air compressor (1 set)
  • 3m Belt Conveyor (1 set)
Description Details
Model CE-50W/JT
Power 380VAC±10% , 50HZ
Pressure 0.36-0.6mPa
Work Temperature -40~40℃
PLC Siemens PLC
Touch screen hand touch control LED
Machine cover All the parts that contact with the material are made of s/s304.Other parts are made of CS coated with plastic protection

CE-50W Drawing:

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