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Blast Chiller/ Freezer


Blast freezer is a frozen food storage needs of professional storage tools. Mainly divided into two first commercially for food rapid cooling, to keep food nutrition is not lost, fresh taste effect. The second is the ultra-low temperature frozen cabinet for laboratory dedicated primarily to constant temperature and humidity testing products and experimental testing. Refrigeration system consists of four basic parts i.e. a compressor, a condenser, a throttling means, an evaporator composition.


Product Performance:

1, cold storage, preservation, dual temperature settings, a wide range of storage. 2, good sealing performance effectively control the inside temperature changes. Reduce energy consumption.

3, the overall shape generous

4, the use of flexible foam door and door seals, with excellent insulation properties seal

5, dual temperature compressor configuration, the machine can operate in a variety of environments with ease. Area for a wide range of refrigeration functions simultaneously, reducing storage requirements limit items.



Model CE-150L/SAGA
Electric 220V, 50Hz
Compressor 1.25p
Machine Dimension 820mm x 770mm x 1400mm
Inner Dimension 620mm * 400mm * 600mm
Refrigerator Power 1200W
Fan Power 240w
Tray 5 ( 60 * 40 * 2 )
Inner Height 10cm
Weight 120Kgs
Refrigerator R404A
Max temperature -40C
Compressor Aspera Italy
Control System Temperature and/or Timer controlled
Weight 160Kg


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