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Automatic Tea Bag Packing Machine

This model CE is suitable for packing black tea, green tea, herbal tea, diet tea, health care tea, medicine tea, herb beverage.

The inner bag is 3 side sealing bags with gusset, filter paper material, automatically packed with string and tag. The outer bag is 3 side sealing bags with composite film or paper-plastic composite film.

Machine details and main function :

1.Touchable operate screen, Chinese and English interface, easy to operate.

2.Automatic weighting & feeding—Volume cup, volume adjustable, with high accurate and speed.

3.Automatic bagging for inner filter bag and outer bag with tag and string.

4.Affordable and high effective

5.Compacting structure, small floor space

Technical Parameter

1 Model CE-2C/XBN
2 Sealing Type 3 Side Sealing
3 Filling Range 2-5gram/bag
4 Inner Bag L : 50-80mm
W : 50-80mm
5 Outer Bag L : 75-120mm
W : 70-100mm
6 Capacity 30-45 bag/min
7 Air Pressure 0.65Mpa
8 Air Consumption 0.5m³/min
9 Thread Length 160-176mm
10 Total Power 220v/50-60Hz/3.7kw
11 Dimension 1600(L) x 760(W) x 1900(H)mm
12 Weight 600kg

Machine Details:

Machine Product Application:

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