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Automatic Pyramid Type Tea Bag Machine

  1. Tea bag machine is our new pyramid tea bag packing machine, and it could use the non-woven fabrics and nylon filter fabric to produce pyramid bags which have good perviousness and perspectivity.
  1. It is used for the packing of tea leaves, such as green tea, black tea, etc. And it is also used for the pyramid bag or flat bag packing of food spice whose taste exudes through bags.
  1. Ultrasonic sealing: The ultrasonic sealing seam is narrow and almost a line, which effectively saves film costs. In addition, it does not cause the film to stick to the sealing block, thereby reducing the downtime of the device and greatly increasing the production speed. Finally, ultrasonic sealing technology does not require temperature, thus avoiding the effects on the taste of the product.

4.Smooth feeding system: Adopting the principle of magnetic vibration, the vibration intensity is strong, and the feeding is smoother.

5.The machine has four swivel wheels, so the machinery is easy to move, and small floor space.

6.No film, no material, alarm sounds

7.Automatic weighting, filling, bagging


Technical Parameters:

Main Machine CE-C60/ND


Output 30-50 Bags/Min for just inner Bag.
2 Length of pyramid bag 50-80mm
3 Size of flat bag 55-75mm(Width)              4090mm(Length)
4 Filling range 1.5-10g
5 Width of film 120,140,160mm
6 Power Supply 220v Ac,50hz 1.2 kw
7 Air pressure 0.6 Mpa
8 Air consumption 200L/Min
9 Package dimension 980 * 880 * 1980 mm


Product Application :

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