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Automatic Packing Machine (Hardware)


Features :

  1. Multi-function: the packaging machine can automatically complete the counting, weighing, bagging, filling, coding, sealing, packaging, finished product counting, transportation, re-inspection and other functions.
  2. Precise and fast: the use of vibration plate feed, feeding steady and fast, according to different product characteristics using mechanical count, positioning measurement, optical count, to ensure that the finished product count accurate.
  3. Simple operation: the use of touch-type man-machine interface, simple operation, easy adjustment, control system performance and stability.
  4. Perfect bag: the use of cursor recognition system, to ensure that the bag printing information integrity, precision machining of the knife, to ensure uniform incision, bag-like appearance.
  5. High security: the device has a reliable security protection (the safety parts are equipped with security devices).
  6. Fault self-test: Each vibration plate is equipped with full shutdown, lack of material alarm or shutdown device. The device has a self-diagnostic function, which can be automatically alarmed or stopped (alarm or stop user optional) when an error occurs, equipped with alarm light and sound system to quickly alert the operator.
  7. Non-standard custom: according to the actual production requirements to match the corresponding number of the number of vibration discs and counting the way.
  8. PLC control system, simple operation.

Scope of application:

  1. Fastener industry (screws, nuts, screws, gaskets, nails, etc.)
  2. Hardware industry (decoration hardware, architectural hardware, lock accessories, all kinds of hardware, etc.)
  3. Electrical industry (electrical accessories, electrical installation parts package, electrical accessories, etc.)
  4. Furniture industry (expansion plastic pipe, triple connection, cork, etc.)
  5. Plastic and rubber industry (wardrobe plastic parts, toys, etc.)
  6. Electronic industry (various electronic devices, accessories, accessories)
  7. Vehicle industry (cars, bicycles, electric cars, baby carriage accessories)
  8. Bathroom cabinet industry, home industry, solar energy industry, food and other
Description Details
Model CE-60/DXDZ-13
Counting System 13 UNITS
Voltage 220 (V)
Power 3.0 (kW)
Packaging film width 320mm (can be customized)
Made of bag size 150 * 300mm (can be customized)
Packing speed 10 ~ 30 (bag/min)
Weight 700 (kg)
Dimension 2000 * 1500 * 1600 (mm)
Packaging Material Film Packaging Type: Bag


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