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Automatic Oil Filling Machine


Technical Parameter:


Number Of Filling Heads  6 10
Model Code CE-5000L/CG-6 CE-1000L/CG-10
Filling Type


Piston Linear Filling

(Imported Servo Motor)

Piston Linear Filling
( Imported Servo Motor )
Applicable Bottle Type Widely Used Widely Used
Applicable Bottle Height 50-300 MM 50-300MM
Applicable Bottle Mouth 15-100 MM 15-100MM
Irrigation Range 1000-5000 ML 100-1000ML
Filling Accuracy Error 1–2% Error 1–2%
Production Capacity 6-Head Filling Speed

500-600 Bottles/Hour (3000ML)

10-Head Filling Speed
50-60 Bottles/Hour
Machine Power <2.5kw (Including Bottle Feeding And Intermittent Power) <2.5kw (Including Bottle Feeding And Intermittent Power)
Whole Machine Weight 500KG 500KG
Machine size 3000 * 1100 * 1950MM 3000*1100*1950MM



Equipment function:

Applicable to a wide range of bottle types, barrels, bottles, and pots, with a wide range of adjustable measurement and high quantitative accuracy. Computer automatic control, touch color screen operation, convenient, fast and accurate, fully automatic, and equipped with automatic chain protection device, memory is equipped with two working modes of intermittent movement and continuous movement. Equipped with electrical linkage, reliable work, low failure rate, high technology content, it is the best choice for automatic liquid quantitative canning.






This series of filling machines are suitable for the quantitative filling of gas-free wine, beverages, condiments, cosmetics, perfumes and other liquid (paste, semi-fluid) medicines and other liquid glass bottles.


  • High efficiency: frequency conversion speed regulation
  • High precision: average error ±1-2%
  • Large capacity: any adjustment between 1000-5000ml
  • Fully compatible: all kinds of glass, ceramic, plastic bottles and other round containers can be fully automated, and special-shaped bottles can be manually processed to achieve automated or semi-automatic operations. This machine can be easily connected with various original bottle conveying lines.
  • Low power: No vacuum pump is needed for normal pressure filling, advanced system, fine production, flexible movement, power saving and stable operation.
  • No bottle break: It is equipped with an elastic bottle holding device, which is not restricted by the height of the bottle. The recovered bottle and the crooked neck bottle are automatically reset when they are not in place, so the machine will not be broken.
  • Soft start: The whole machine starts without impact force, and the operation is from low speed to high speed, which protects the equipment.
  • Measurement adjustment: equipped with automatic continuous adjustment device, high precision, electric control, convenient operation, digital display of filling volume, allowing you to adjust the volume accurately and conveniently.
  • Motor, frequency conversion, etc. are all imported configurations.




Main structure of equipment


The equipment is mainly composed of top liquid filling, filling valve body, and transmission positioning device.




The working principle of the equipment:


The transmission and positioning device at the bottom of the equipment sets the positioning position in advance according to the number of filling heads. The filling bottle is transferred to the filling position at the bottom of the equipment through the transmission line. Perform filling.















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