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Automatic Filling and Sealing Machine Model:CE-200A/YBJ


Automatic Formed bag machine is the international packaging industry popular liquid packaging, with new forms of packaging, modeling and diverse, reliable metering, sealing strong, easy to use, low cost packaging materials, widely used in dairy milk, yogurt, lactic acid drinks, etc. Japanese tofu, condiments (soy sauce, cooking oil, etc.), drinks, mineral water, detergent, alcohol and other states in the airless packaging to avoid secondary pollution.

This machine adopts imported computer dedicated controller and imported pneumatic device to achieve quantitative filling, automatic sealing, automatic pocket.

Description Details
Productivity 1200-1800 bags/hour
Gas source 0.15m3 / min0.8MPa
Power 750W
Weight 200kg
Dimensions 1300 × 600 × 1300
Accuracy ± 2%
Measurement Range 100-250ml/bag
Power 220V 50HZ

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