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Automatic Curry Puff / Dumpling Making & Forming Machine


This is a newly ameliorating specialized to form small to large dumplings .With three independent controllers and set water cooling compressor system to forming
various food products with filling inside. Free selection of forming mold size and shape by replacing attachments. By simply changing forming mold, it is suitable to produce Dumpling, Samosa, Egg Roll, Potsticker, Emapanda, Ravioli, Apple Pie, Curry Puff, Pierogi, Gugia, Tortellini and more.

Description Details
Model CE-770/ST Automatic Dumpling Making Machine
Material Stainless Steel 304
PLC Control Automatic
Work By Electricity
Product Weight 15-60grams
Capacity 3000-9000pcs/h
Machine Dimension 82x54x184cm
Machine Weight 320kg
Power 3P 220V 2.2KW
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