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Automatic Continuous Type Cup Filling & Sealing Machine

This cups filling and sealing machine is a multifunctional high-speed fully automatic machine specially designed for liquid or semi-liquid (such as water, milk, yogurt, olive oil, fruit juice, tomato sauce, honey) to be filled and sealed. The machine applied with world famous electrical and pneumatic components. High quality, high stability, long service life. All the parts of this cups filling and sealing machines are made of food grade #304 stainless steel.


1. Advanced design, reasonable structure, and reliable performance;

2. Fully automatic operation, adjustable production speed, easy operation, safety, increase productivity, reduces labor costs;

3. Photoelectric sensor track ensure accurate sealing;

4. Twice sealing, sealing pressure can be adjusted according to customer requirements as easy or difficult to tear, reflecting greater humanization design;

5. Seal firmly and smooth flawless;

6. Customize equipment according to the customer requirements and other accessibility features;

7. Configuration: this cup filling and sealing machine uses the channel steel, welded together, after 3 times anti-rust treatment, outsourcing #304 stainless steel. Exposed parts are made of rust-proof handle.



Model CE-9000A-4
Mold 4 Cups
Capacity 2000-3000
Voltage 415v / 50Hz *3 Phase
Power 6Kw
Sealing Width 360mm
Dimension 3000 x 800 x 1700mm
Weight 600kg
















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