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Automatic Carton Juice Filling Machine – Tetra Pak
Performance and Characteristic
  • We can do brick-shaped in base, brick-shaped in slim, pillow-shaped, triangular-shaped and ax-shaped in this kind of machines with different filling volume. We also can made different shape with different filling volume in one machine well. It can automatic finished all the job step, which includes run over the scroll reposefully, print the date and batch number, stick plastic tape, chemical and physical sterilizing, roll into cylinder, filling material, sealing-off, molding, cutting and horn-shaped. The filling volume is 65ml to 2000ml and more than 10 kinds for choose.
  • This design blend into modern “optical, mechanical and electronic integration” and skillful manufacture. We choose closed loop to control the tension, use opto-electricity for detection, PLC control the system, oversaw and operated by human-machine interface, radiant heat and high frequency induction heating put to work skillfully then make the sealing much firm and reliable in cross and vertical direction, use mechanical as main drive and barometric as assistant drive. Scientific and reasonable use, we make this machine operating freely and stable.
  • Applicable packaging material: PE/PAPER/PE/ALUMINUM/PE/PE six layers composite paper.
  • Capacity: 1000-1500pack/hour.
  • We add a special design recently: change the scroll without stop operating. This design can change the scroll freely under the operating situation.
  • This machine is apply to filling milk, milk beverage, soy milk, cheese, yogurt, tea, juice, wine and so on.
Technical parameter:
Description Details
Size 4200*1880*4390mm
Power 24kw, 20kw for heating
Voltage 220v, 380v
Frequency 50Hz
Pressure 4-6Mpa
Capacity 1000-1500 pack/hour
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