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Automatic Blister Packaging Machine


Got functions as Frequency control, adjustable stroke, touch heating, positive forming, air cushion heating-sealand cutting into piecessome optional functions as capsule orientating, image and character register are available. This machine is suitable for small and medium sized pharmaceutical company producing capsule, tablet (abnormality), pill, etc. in small batch and diversity product.

Description Details
Model CE-DPP150C
Punch Frequency 15-35 times/min
PVC width ≤150mm (57×82mm) 2 sheets/min
Production capacity 5-9 thous.pcs/hrs
Adjustable range of stroke 40-120mm
Air compressor ≥0.2m3/min1.5kW (arranged by user)
Total power 3.2kW (380V 50Hz 220V 60Hz)
Weight 800kg
Dimensions (L×W×H) 2200×570×1380mm
Packaging case (L×W×H) 2310×800×1700mm


Name Model and Specification Brand Place of Origin Qty
Circuit Breaker DZ47-C20 Yaohua Suzhou 1
Circuit Breaker DZ47-C6 Yaohua Suzhou 3
Circuit Breaker DZ47-C3 Yaohua Suzhou 1
Frequency Converter FC51-1.5KW Danfoss Denmark 1
Contactor CJX2120 220V Zhengtai Shanghai 3
Relay ZY2N DC12V Er gong Shanghai 7
Proximity Switch SN04-N Ruike Taiwan 3
Proximity Switch PRL12-4DN AUTONICS Korea 1
Micro switch LX56-11G1 APT Shanghai 1
Control panel DPP-250 Jianghua Shanghai 1
Relay panel DC12V Shanghai 1
Transformer JBK3-50 220/15 9 Kaili Shanghai 1
Temperature control unit XMTA -2011 Huibang Changzhou 3
Thermocouple K 1.5M Yuyao Zhejiang 1
Thermocouple K 2.5M Yuyao Zhejiang 2
Buzzer ZMQ-2737 DC6-24V LEQING 1

Note: If these spare parts are short, our company will replace these as the same quality.

No. Name Model and Specification Qty
M1 Main Motor YS8034 1
M2-M4 Single Phase Asynchronous Dynamo YN80-25 3
UF Frequency VFD015A21A 1
KM1-KM3 Contactor LC1D1210 AC220V 3
QF1 Breaker DZ47-C20 1
QF2-QF4 Breaker DZ47-C6 3
QF5 Breaker DZ47-C3 1
TC Transformer JBK3-50 1

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