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Automatic 8 heads Linear Filling Machine – CE-8/GC
Using range
The 8 Head Piston Type Fully Automatic Filling Machine by our company after absorbing the world top technology. It applies piston type quantitative principle, and the electric parts and pneumatic parts are the world famous brands products and features PLC and human-machine interface control, original design, beautiful appearance, strong adaptability, simple operation, accurate filling capacity and convenient maintenance. It is widely used for filling various kinds of liquid, dope and paste. It can also fill semi-liquid, paste, sauce with granule after replacing the filling valve. Several filling capacities are available.
The machine mainly composed by 8 heads filling machine and screw capping machine. It mainly used for can self-flowing liquid bottle. It fit for juice, liquid, cordial, oil, cosmetics, medicine industries.
Technical parameter for 8 Head Filling Machine
Description Details
Number of filling head 8 head
Filling volume 200~2000(ml) adjustable(It can be customized according to customers’ requirements)
Filling form Piston-type filling
Theoretical filling speed 1500-2000bottle/hour
Filling precision 1%
Conveying speed 5-15m/min
Width of convey belt 82mm
Conveyor belt 3m POM chain type
Conveyor belt’s distance from the ground 750±20 (mm)
Total power 500W/220V
AC single-phase
Procedure control imported PLC and touch screen man-machine interface
Air supply 0.5-0.8MPa
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